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Heads or Tails Necklace $10.00

Heads or Tails is a fun game we play to get the Live Auction started! 

Make sure to purchase your necklaces from a Student Ambassador before the start of the Live Auction.  $10.00 per necklace.  Total purchased will be charged to your bidder number.  When the time comes the auctioneer will direct all guests that have purchased bracelets to stand up and get ready for some excitement.  Next, guests are directed to place their hand on either their head or tail.  Then a coin is tossed and whichever side it lands on is called out.  Let's say heads turns up on the coin, then everyone with their hand on their tail must sit down.  Then the coin is tossed again and the results called out.  This keeps going until there is one person left standing.  

The last guest standing wins...$250.00 CASH!