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Your support and partnership is vital to the "Earth School".  The Earth School's mission is to ensure that our community produces young men and women who are confident in their lives and able to make informed choices.  Earth School students go on to become those adults with a social conscience, team builders that help ensure the future that we all wish to see comes to fruition.  

Your support of that mission says that you share our goals, and that you wish to see them sustained.  Our annual goals of sustaining this unique learning environment would not be possible without you. 

We are blessed by your friendship and love for the Earth School.  On behalf of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, the staff, our Advisory Council, Endowment Board, parents and students, we extend our warmest wishes and deepest gratitude to you and your family. 

Warm regards,


Sister Therese Gutting, FSE


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